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SOG Voodoo Hawk

Example Frame

Most Popular Tomahawks

Balance and Weight Distribution

The Tactical Tomahawk

The tomahawk became tactical in the Vietnam War era. It was introduced by Peter LaGana in 1966. For the U.S. military this tool or weapon had many features and benifits. Even today tomahawks are used by our military, and are becoming more and more popular.

To end all confusion on what differentiates a tomahawk from a hatchet, axe, or hand axe, we will give our defintition of what one actually is. The Tomahawk is in the axe family and typically has two or more functions and an axe has one. The blade side called the "bit" is used for chopping or cutting. The other side called the poll or butt is the secondary tool function of the tomahawk. It is typically used for breaking, impailing, or breaching. The native americans also used it as the bowl of their pipe for smoking tobacco.

There are several different types and styles of tactical tomahawks. One main feature is the weight and balance.


If you are carrying a tomahawk for long extended periods of time and is use for smaller tasks, such as brush removal, it is probably recomended to go with a lighter weight tool. If you are doing a lot of breaching, spliting rocks and cinder blocks, then a heavier one may be prefered.


You will find that we provide you with the actual weight and balance of every tomahawk on the web. This is important to know for many reasons. the Balance of a tomahawk will deterine the benifit of how and what it can be used for. A tomahawk that has a heavier head is easier to chop with more force because it has more follow through. A tomahawk with a heavier handle is easier to control in a combative situation. If using a heavier headed tomahawk for combat, you will need to move your hand up the handle to offset the balance to gain better control.

Metal Composition

Most of todays tactical tomahawks are made of 420 Stainless Steel, which has great corrosion resistance but has medium durability under heavy use. The better steel is 4140 steel, which tends to be more difficult to make, which results in a higher price. When you are talking about the differences between 1095 and 4140. All steel can be made into a super strong tomhahawk it all depended on the heat used to create it.

Full Tang

Full tang means the material the head or blade is made of continues all the way through the handle. This adds durability and helps to prevent breaking while doing hard strikes.