SOG F06P-N Tactical Tomahawk

Weight: 16.95oz
Length: 12.25"
Balance: 96% Head / 4% Handle
Blade: 420 Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Polished Stainless
Handle: Polymer
Full Tang: No
Place of Manufacture: China


This tomahawk is convienent for any survival task. Being it weighs in at only 16.95oz and you can break through a cinder block wall with it basically says it all.


Its total lenght is only 12.25 inches, meaning it can be easily concealable. Due to the light weight and size this tomahawk, you can carry it all dail long and forget that it is there. Blade is 2 inches long, which means it has a decent chopping surface area.


This tomahawk is seriously top heavy. 96% of its weight is at the head. For combat this tomahawk has its pros and cons. The handle is very light so when swinging this tomahawk you will find a lot more follow through and less pull back control with your swing. But because the head is significantly heavier it will penetrate much better, making it more leathal. It really is a matter of preference of the user and the application. For breaching and excavation it is a merical tool.


The blade is made of 420 stainless steel. It is a durable steel with very good corrosion resistance.

Blade Finish:

The head and blade is polished stainless steel. This means after many years of use your tomahawk will still look great. There isn't a finish that will show high contrast scratches. It is very reflective so if you are trying not to be seen then you may prefer the F06T-N with its black oxide coating.


The handle is not full tang, meaning it the steel head does not continue to the butt of the handle. The handle is super strong because it is made of very durable polymer construction and the head is attached with a collar reinforcement and two secure and tightly fitted male/female t10 torx screws. There has been a lot of questions about if the handle can be swapped with the full sized f01t handle and the answer is yes. The sizes and the holes match up exactly for all heads including the f01t, f01p, Voodoo hawk, and the f06t.In order to remove the torx screws you will need two torx screw bit drivers and a vise(highly recommended). They use thread lock so it may be a little tight. Be careful not to strip the screws.

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